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Tickets are now on sale!

  • Please read the Hold Harmless Agreement on this page.

  • Purchaser must initial consent to the Hold Harmless Agreement during checkout process.  

  • This site uses PayPal credit/debit card payment. Other payment arrangements can be made directly with Anni Eason but you will still need to sign a paper waiver. 

  • Questions?


I/we  understand that I/our participation and/or involvement in Bluestock at the Rockin’ EZ Ranch on October 22, 2022 carries the potential for certain risks, some of which may not be reasonably foreseeable. I further acknowledge that these risks could cause me/our, or others around me, harm, including, but not limited to, bodily injury, damage to property, emotional distress, or death. 

I  am/we are willing participant(s) in BLUESTOCK. By initialing the mandatory box provided at point of sale, and purchasing ticket(s) – I/my guests agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless:  Rockin’ E-Z Ranch

GP, LLC & Rockin’ E-Z Ranch L.P. & Michael A. Eason Family & The Joe O. Eason Family,  Ann Eason & Barry Seelen as well as all  Organizers of Bluestock and its employees, agents, representatives, successors, etc. from all losses, claims, theft, demands, liabilities, causes of action, or expenses, known or unknown, arising out of my/our attendance.

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