Our Story

We are Anni Eason and Barry Seelen. The Rockin' EZ Ranch in Bellville, Texas  has been in our Family since the 1940's. It is home to my brother and his wife, and a weekend place to my wonderful parents & brothers as well as all their children and families.

Years ago, our friends were having a party to Celebrate his company launch. We gladly offered to host their wonderful party on our property. This was such a FUN party, we decided to do it again.  For several years this was kept as a private event, due to the fact that my brother and his wife LIVE on this property full time, so I wanted to be very respectful to them. When you get 200 people on 60 acres there is usually a lot of trash and mess to be dealt with afterwards.

The Blues community has shown us time and time again what a wonderful spirit they have. Everyone volunteers in one form or another & everyone cleans up after themselves!  This allows us to continue to make Bluestock happen year after year.  Bluestock has morphed into a Micro Music Festival.


The music is always the STAR of the Show, but you can make a weekend of it and camp out or get a room at various places in town or nearby. We  always have multiple folks that think they are gonna go home after the show, but then have such a good time - they sleep in their cars. 

We try to add different elements every year something new, fun or different. Our dear friends always come up with cool ideas and we like to hear them.  All  of these ideas were developed by our friends :  one year we had a massage Therapist giving massages, The ART sheet to decorate, another year we had Caveman Cigars, one year it was 6th Street Bourbon. We instituted the "Onsie Breakfast" a few years ago and that is another crazy element. 


Bluestock 2021 is Halloween weekend, so  we are encouraging Costumes, onesies, hats & wigs! 2021 we also also instituted a Castle Tour for 2021 (now Full) idea brought to us & tour will be led by one of our great friends & long time attendees 


We have an event Friday night for those staying on the Property :Our Outdoor Cajun Supper and for the first time 2021 we will have music Friday night as well!  Bluestock has changed with the times and started off as a private event for years for only friends and friends of friends, as my family lives on this property and we all strive to keep it pristine for my AMAZING PARENTS and those that live on the property.

We had a very successful  event that was socially distanced  in 2020 and had our largest crowd ever.  By all accounts everyone loved it and had a great time & Best of all : NO ONE left with Covid 19. Thank Goodness.

We are gong to have Bluestock again this year and using the same protocol. Social Distance , Mask up, if you are walking around or dancing.  If you are seated and eating or drinking you can have your mask off -just like every restaurant.  We hope you can all join us, but if not, we will miss you.


Anni - 713-283-4317

Barry -  713-283-4500