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We are Anni Eason & Barry Seelen. The Rockin' EZ Ranch in Bellville, Texas  has been in our family since the 1940's. It is home to my brother and his wife, and a weekend place to my wonderful parents & brothers as well as all their children and families.

Almost 10 years ago now(!), our dear friends Gail Singer & Mark McGrath were looking for a spot to plan party celebrating some big changes Mark had made with his company.  We gladly offered to host their wonderful musical party on our property. This was such a FUN party, we decided to do it again, but had to sell tickets to be able to accomplish it! For several years this was a private event. While trying to be respectful to my brother & his wife who live on the property, we kept it to the original list and friends of friends. When you get 200 people on a small property, there could be complications, but everyone who attends, helps to keep it clean! We have since grown this event into a micro Music Festival open to Blues lovers in general!

The Blues community has shown us time and time again what a wonderful spirit they have. Everyone volunteers in one form or another & everyone cleans up after themselves!  This allows us to continue to make Bluestock happen year after year. 

The music is always the STAR of the Show allowing you to also make a weekend of it and camp out or get a room at various places in town or nearby. We always have folks that think they are gonna go home after the show, but then have such a good time - they sleep in their cars. 

We try to add different elements every year something new, fun or different. Our  creative friends always come up with cool ideas and we always love to hear them. Most of the great ideas, we institute were developed by them!


Here are a few items implemented from our friends ideas:


  • On-site Massage Therapy (Dr. Carol Oakley)

  • Decorating a "ART Sheet" which is now displayed each year  (James and Colleen Nagel) 

  • Caveman Cigars came out and rolled/sold cigars; cool and handcrafted outdoor games (Steve Terry)

  • 6th Street Bourbon offered samples and that was sure a HIT! (Grace Harrington)

  • Saturday Morning "Onesie Breakfast" (founded by Beth Arlington's Tigger onesie & Steve Curry's idea to make this an annual event and photo op!)

  • The Merchandise Table which has really benefitted our musicians (courtesy of sweet Merch angel Darla Prudhomme)

  • Offering a tour of The Castle in Bellville, owned by Mike Newman of Newman's Bakery (Ken Schmidt)

  • Jello Shots!! (David Silverman's labor of love)

  • Impromptu happenings, like Darwin Moore, Adrian Pretz & Company offering up BBQ samplings at their campsite - YUM!

  • This year we will  provide a charging station for phones! Maybe other surprises . . . we shall see!

  • We Love keeping it fresh!

We always WELCOME ideas that folks are interested in helping to make happen!

We have an event Friday night for those staying on the Property: Our Outdoor Cajun Supper and for the first time in 2021 we had music Friday night as well!  We will do that again this year! Thanks to Amy Absher for being our Gumbo Queen!

We had a very successful socially distancing events in 2020 & 2021 and NO ONE left us  with Covid 19. Thank Goodness.

Last year in 2021 we were honored to have a small "write up"  in the Blues Festival Guide (we thought it was a Big Deal!)

We are pleased to announce it will all happen again this year!


We hope you can join us October 22, 2022, but if not, we will surely miss you.


Anni - 713-283-4317

Barry -  713-283-4500

P.s. We will celebrate our 10th Anniversary in 2023 and it will be a great cause for Celebration . . .and our friends totally helped make it all happen.

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