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The 411

Campers may arrive after 4PM on Friday or 11am SATURDAY -SATURDAY the music will begin at approximately 1:00 p.m. until approx. 10 p.m. If you arrive at 11am you have almost 2 hours to set up. There are breaks between music sets  if you need to get something from your campsite!


If you want to camp in an RV or a tent camper, you must talk with Anni  (prior to the event)  for space and  instructions. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to go in the same gate as cars (the one with Rockin' EZ sign above). She will instruct you on where to enter if you bring a Camper/RV/ Trailer depending on the size of  said vehicle.


Please eat lunch before you come or on the way to ranch.


Bring a picnic (Dinner)  for yourself including beverages, ice and cooler.


PLEASE Bring a trash bag to clean up your stuff and take back home with you for disposal (our options are very limited so your help is appreciated!) There is No trash pick up Service in the Country!





There might be: a late night ACOUSTIC jam, so bring your instrument if you want to participate!


Three Fabulous, Clean  Port-o-Lets  a.k.a. "Jiffy Johnny's" will be on property for your use. 


The farmhouse is over 120 years old - Please DO NOT  enter unless you are part of the work crew staying in the farmhouse.


When you arrive, drive down the road and drop your things off at the yard of the old white farmhouse - then “fall in” parking on the road  if parking area is FULL.

Please visit the Check in Table for wrist bands.

Ongoing communications with participants will be via the Facebook page: Bluestock 2022  just click the Facebook icon on the bottom left of the pages to go to the site.


REMEMBER: Chair(s)/your picnic/ice and beverages/cooler and cups/a jacket/a trash bag.  LANTERN/ FLASHLIGHT!

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